Enterprise Networks

Over the next two years organizations will transform their network for the digital era in increasing numbers. In fact 45% of organizations1 are expecting to already have digital-ready networks in two years – triple the number today. And no wonder. Cloud, mobility, and IoT are placing unprecedented demands on the network. And that’s not even taking into account the threat landscape. Most IT leaders realize we need to change how we build, manage, and protect networks to keep up with the relentless pace of change.

But while the destination is appealing we know the journey doesn’t come with a built-in GPS. That’s why Cisco has teamed up with IDC to create the DNA Advisor Program – an initiative specifically designed to provide a predictable framework for customers on their journey to automated, secure, self-driving networks.

Starting with a five-stage digital network readiness model to help customers structure the journey, IDC then conducted a global research study to understand where customers are on the journey and where they plan to be over the next two years. This culminates in an online self-assessment or guided assessment that helps customers determine where they are on the journey and understand the potential business impact of embracing the recommended next steps to move up the maturity curve.

Create the blueprint for network transformation.

But we don’t stop there. Cisco is announcing a new Cisco DNA Advisory Service designed to help organizations build a cost-effective strategy to transform their network. The end result: A blueprint to achieve business objectives through technology while maintaining a stable, secure network during the transition.

Our experts help customers explore the right migration and transition options for their business.  We provide visibility into their existing technology so they can make informed decisions.

This strategic plan encompasses not just technology, but also their people and processes so customers can:

  • Reduce risk using proven methods to address gaps and identify dependencies
  • Lower OpEx by promoting consistency and standardization across their environment
  • Prioritize investments with total cost of ownership (TCO) estimates
  • Simplify and streamline existing processes

We work with customers to understand where they want to take their business. Then we build a roadmap with predictive steps to take them there.  The result is an end-to-end strategy that allows customers to move with confidence.

Build a foundation for extraordinary results.

The Cisco DNA Advisory Service uses our new framework—called DNA 8—which expands on the digital network readiness model to identify eight key areas to address during network transformation and why each area matters to an organization’s success.

With the new Cisco Enterprise NFV Advise and Implement Service, our experts develop a comprehensive solution design and work with customers during implementation to ensure a smooth transition. This includes identifying dependencies and the effects of introducing the new capabilities into their environment.

We help customers:

  • Validate the new solution for their existing network and use case
  • Improve their results with a customized design tailored for their goals
  • Speed adoption by identifying and addressing technical and operational readiness
  • Reduce risk using our expertise, tools, and best practices

Our new Solution Support for Enterprise NFV centralizes support management across the products in the Cisco Enterprise NFV solution. So whether there is an issue with a Cisco or solution partner product, customers contact us. Our team of solution experts will be the primary point of contact and own the case from first call to resolution.

Combining solution-level support and our product support in one service, Cisco Solution Support resolves complex issues in solution environments on average 41 percent2 more quickly than product support alone—making it the right kind of support when deploying DNA solutions.